11th Annual STAR, Inc. Cotillion
April 26, 2014

Sisters Together Achieving Results, Inc.
Has designed all of its services around the target population based on the needs previously identified. The services are grouped into 6 broad categories as follows:

Academic Awareness (graduation requirements, skill development to maintain and excel GPA)

Life Skills Counseling
(education on: hygiene, etiquette, cooking, laundry, relationships, self-respect, leadership, self-esteem)

Career Exploration (career fair, mentoring, job shadowing, career presentation)

Job Awareness (resume writing, interviewing, job search, time management, job etiquette)

Personal Development (financial planning, financial literacy, credit, self-esteem, communication skills, dependence/interdependence)

Prevention (pregnancy, alcohol, drugs, STDs, gang activity, incarceration, social service dependency, high school & college drop outs)